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Octave Technologies Systems/subsystems

Octave Technologies has been experiencing variety of projects in whole spectrum of High Technology RF Microwave and Digital design, specifically in high frequency RF systems and subsystems, blocks and modules, layout design and simulations, software development, digital radio design, Hardware design etc. Most of products were designed for projects that were used in Commercial, Industrial, Energy, Military, Airborne, Space and Navy projects and applications. Our products range from RF Microwave systems, subsystems and modules to digital signal processing boards and software. Including high power and low power Pin Diode Switches, Limiters, Power Amplifiers, Couplers, Mixers, Microstrip Filters, PLLs (Phase-Locked Loop), Synthesizers, LNAs, Detectors, Radar equipments, Digital Step attenuators, 90 & 180° Hybrids, Tuners, GPS simulators, VSAT Modems, ADC & DAC boards include Xilinx FPGAs for signal processing etc. All products have a rugged design and packaging which can tolerate sever shocks and environmental conditions.

Brows our systems, listed in following categories in order to find more:

A little about Microwave products

Signal capturing, processing and resampling boards

Our affordable and extremely efficient digital signal processing boards and solutions provides a cutting edge design for signal processing and capturing applications and even other types of applications.
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GPS modules, products & simulators

We provide built in GPS solutions for either positioning or navigation systems embedded on our boards and modules like GPS simulators by help of our processing boards or L1/L2 RTK positioning.
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Software development, GUI, programing and source codes

Our developer department offers VHDL, C/C++, C#, … source codes, software developing, software optimization and hardware’s graphical user interfaces(GUI) for any purposes you might be looking for.
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