Octave Technologies Digital Products

Nowadays digital design is an inseparable part of high end designing and combination of both Digital & Microwave products provides a great capability of designing and implementing complicated scenarios and projects for all types of applications more easier than ever. Products such as signal processing boards, capturing and resampling boards, GPS solutions and products, software and source codes for special applications and even more.

Brows our digital products, listed in following categories in order to find more:

A little about Digital Products

Signal capturing, processing and resampling boards

Our affordable and extremely efficient digital signal processing boards and solutions provides a cutting edge design for signal processing and capturing applications and even other types of applications.
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GPS modules, products & simulators

We provide built in GPS solutions for either positioning or navigation systems embedded on our boards and modules like GPS simulators by help of our processing boards or L1/L2 RTK positioning.
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Software development, GUI, programing and source codes

Our developer department offers VHDL, C/C++, C#, … source codes, software developing, software optimization and hardware’s graphical user interfaces(GUI) for any purposes you might be looking for.
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